About Us

The South African Music Performance Rights Association (Section 21 limited by guarantee) (SAMPRA) was accredited by the Department of Trade and Industry's Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO) in June 2007. SAMPRA is a national, non-governmental, organization that licenses to third parties specific copyrights that vest in record companies that are members of the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA). The body of sound recordings licensed by SAMPRA is referred to as its repertoire.

The copyrights in sound recordings provided for in the Copyright Act, 1978, and which are administered by SAMPRA, are the rights of

  • communicating sound recordings to the public
  • the diffusing of sound recordings
  • the broadcasting of sound recordings

These three rights are collectively referred to as the "performing rights" in sound recordings. SAMPRA's work mainly involves the following two functions:

  • the licensing of the performing rights in its repertoire to users, and the collection of licence fees due under those licences
  • the distribution, amongst its members (and the members of the other organizations with which it is affiliated), of the collected royalties (less a deduction to cover administration costs)

Generally speaking the operations of collecting societies such as SAMPRA are carried out in accordance with standard practices worldwide, both in respect of the licensing and the distribution functions.

SAMPRA issues licences to South African radio broadcasters who use sound recordings (records, tapes, CDs) in SAMPRA's repertoire in their transmissions. SAMPRA also licence shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs and other music users who render sound recordings in SAMPRA's repertoire audible in public. The SAMPRA licence enables music users to play literally millions of sound recordings on their business premises.