SABC Dispute

Update on the SABC dispute

Dear SAMPRA Members, On 6th June 2018, the SABC made an unfortunate announcement that it had taken an illogical decision of paying 75% of the 2014/15 royalties to an organisation that represents less than 10% of recording artists and record…

Letter to SAMPRA Members

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Dear SAMPRA Members, We thank you for remaining steadfast and refusing to be used as fair game during the current battle that we are facing as an organisation. Some of you have made us aware of the fact that you’ve been contacted by IMPRA…

SABC Once Again Undermines SAMPRA and the Livelihoods of South African Artists

 7 June 2018 | Yesterday it was announced that for the first time ever, the SABC will pay Needletime royalties to artists through the Independent Music Performing Rights Association (IMPRA). IMPRA will be receiving 75 percent of the R22 million…