Music Users

Why do I have to pay to use music in my business?

Everyone loves music, especially customers that visit your business or use your services. Numerous studies have shown that music enhances the ambiance in every business. So, whether you are a broadcaster, a store owner, someone in hospitality, entertainment, or a jack of all trades, we’d like to help you to continue giving your customers the very best ambiance that enables them to shop, relax and have the best memories. Our repertoire offering is unmatched in South Africa.  We offer you unlimited access to the world’s best original tracks, sung by original artists, from the oldest to the latest, we have it all. Nothing compares to original music, sung by original artists, in a way the music was meant to be sung. Nothing compares.

We give you this limitless access and a guarantee that you will never have to deal with unnecessary litigation related to Neighbouring Rights. Your licence fee saves you from breaking the law. When you pay your licence fees, you can be certain that all the recording artists that were part of the music that makes your business thrive, will also thrive because your licence fee enables us to pay them, as well as record companies who own those tracks, their Neighbouring Rights royalties. It’s a win-win for you and for them.