Frequently Asked Questions

For those who are already members

  • You can check your membership number by visiting our website,
  • Click on Membership
  • Click in SAMPRA Performer Members if you are a recording artist/performer.
  • Enter your name on the Search functionality and proceed to search.
  • If searching on behalf of a record company, click on the Membership tab and then select SAMPRA Record Company Members.
  • Enter the name of the record company and proceed to search.
  • Alternatively, you can request your membership number by sending an email request to with your full name and surname as well as your ID number.
  • Our members (recording artists and record companies) whose music has been used by SAMPRA licensed music users.
  • A list of SAMPRA licensed music users is available here.
  • We have our Primary Distribution in August of each year. We also have a Non-Royalty Revenue/Interest Distribution in December of each year.
  • We also pay out royalties throughout the year. For example, new members don’t have to wait for August to get paid. If they join SAMPRA at any time of the year and there are royalties that are due to them, then payment is made.
  •  We also pay royalties, on a regular basis, to members who notify new and old tracks that have earned royalties but were previously unnotified/undocumented.

How are royalties in a track split between different performers?

If a track has: Featured Performer and Sessionists/Non-Featured Performers:

  • 65% goes to Featured Performer/s
  • 35% goes to Sessionists/Non-Featured Artists

If a track has: Featured Performer + Other Featured Performer + Sessionists/Non-Featured Performers:

  • 65% goes to Featured Artist/s and Other Featured Artist/s
  • 35% goes to Sessionists/Non-Featured Artists

If a track has Featured Performers only, like in a band:

  • 100% divided equally between band members
  • When we know which tracks you performed in and what role (Featured, Other Featured or Non-Featured) you played in the recording, then whenever those tracks are used by our licensed music users, we can allocate royalties to you.

Option 1: SAMPRA App

  • Download the SAMPRA app on Google Play or Apple Store
  • Click on Contact.
  • Click on Notification of Recorded Performance
  • Complete the form by putting ALL the details relating to your commercially released tracks.

Option 2: SAMPRA Website

  • Visit our website:
  • Click on Recording Artists and Record Companies
  • Click on Members Forms from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Notification of Recorded Performance Form and complete that form in full.

Option 3: Downloadable Form

  • Visit our website:
  • Click on the Recording Artists and Record Companies.
  • Select the Members form from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the relevant forms under Downloadable Forms.
  • If you are a recording artist, select the downloadable form Notification of Recorded Performances Form.
  • If you are notifying on behalf of a record company, kindly email us at to request a Repertoire Notification Form.

Option 4: Email

  • You can send an email to and request that a Notification of Recorded Performances form be sent to you.
  • You can send an email to and request that your Performance Report, listing all the tracks you have notified, be sent to you.
  • If after receiving your Performance Report you realise that there are tracks missing, kindly notify the missing tracks by following steps in 5 above.
  • You can send an email to advising that your banking details have changed. You need to attach a bank confirmation letter (No older than three months) that shows your new banking details as well as a copy of your ID.
  • You can send an email to advising that your contact details have changed. Please remember to include your new contact details in the email
  • Once you have been confirmed as a Full Member and you have earned at least R500 in royalties, SAMPRA will automatically contribute premiums on your behalf.
  • Kindly note that the premiums paid on behalf of our members are a value-added service and we do not at any stage, deduct them from members’ royalties.
  • In a case of a death of the spouse and/or qualifying biological children, kindly complete the Deceased Claim Form and submit the required documents to
  • You can also email to request that a Deceased Claim Form be emailed to you.
  • Remember that in order to claim from the Funeral Benefit Scheme, you must have earned a minimum of R3000 in royalties.